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Romema Ltd, was founded in 1967 by former members of the Tally Company that operated in the
Port of Tel Aviv, when all commercial cargo operations were transferred from the old Port of Tel Aviv
to the new southern deep-water Port of Ashdod.

Our company's long-standing presence and history within the ports has resulted in us becoming, not
only the leading service provider in our field but also, the only company with an in-depth knowledge
of the Ports. Our wealth of knowledge, decades of experience and excellent working relationships within
the Ports of Israel often enable us to provide efficient solutions for our client’s problems.

Our clients choose us because of our integrity, professionalism and flexibility. With this in mind and
in recognition of the important service that we provide to our clients, we continue to upgrade our
equipment, information technologies, and the skills of our employees in order to provide services
that are reliable and efficient. To ensure peace of mind we also carry professional indemnity insurance.
We continuously evaluate our services and advocate meeting with our clients on a regular basis to
ensure that our services are professional and to provide added value services,
wherever possible. 
As Israel's foremost Tally, Cargo Supervision and Port Services Company, we pride ourselves on
our professional approach, and the solid reputation that we have built over the years as a first-class
services provider.

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